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Christian Watters

Geraldton Ocean Baths

Christian Watters recently returned to Geraldton from 12 years in the UK and Europe and one of the first things that struck him was not only how amazing the foreshore was but how under-utilised it appeared to be. During his travels Christian had spent time in Geneva and what struck him was how many people swam in the very cold waters of the lake compared to Geraldtons Indian Ocean and part of this was down to the fact there was a pool built into the lake, with areas to lounge, dine and swim in a controlled way. On a summers day it was a very busy place and a hub for many other activities. After talking to a few people about the idea he decided to setup a facebook page to promote and garner public support for the idea. This page grew very fast to the point that concept sketches have now been drawn and a working group formed of prominent Geraldton people to try and bring the idea to fruition.