Marketing what Matters


Gemma Moore

Principal, Shout Consulting

Gemma Moore has always been a storyteller from around the age of 5 when she would make up exciting stories to entertain her little brothers and sisters. Since then she has developed her love of writing and speaking to gain a degree in Media Studies and History before being appointed to ABC Radio as one of the youngest producers hired.
During her exciting radio days she was the lead in opening a new radio station and building vital relationships in various communities.
She also learnt about the power of stories and how they could connect people and the emotions they can invoke. Since then she has worked in local government, tourism and natural resource management but her one passion has always been to help build the bridge between the business/organisation and their audience. This led to the creation of Shout Consulting where she was able to combine her marketing and public relations experience with the growing platform of social media.
As the principal consultant and founder of Shout Consulting she now helps her clients connect with their ideal customer by amplifying their passion for the business. She makes people fall in love with the story by using leading marketing and technology to create the spectacular.

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