Marketing what Matters

Wider reach. Bigger impact. Better world.

Pollinators has worked with more than two hundred local social entrepreneurs, community groups and not-for-profit organisations. When we ask them about the challenges to achieving their goals for the environment, the disadvantaged, or regional WA, a common theme is around “getting their message out there” or “communicating in a way that means people take action”. So we've partnered with local experts and organisation to bring you...."Marketing what Matters"


This event and training will empower you to reach wider audiences, have a bigger impact on a limited budget. This is valuable to anyone with a message of public relevance, community benefit or that needs to be heard by decision-makers.


Participants at Marketing what Matters will benefit from:

  • Insights and advice from the region's leading designers, event managers, marketers and PR and media professionals,

  • Lessons learned through case studies of succcessful local charities and campaigns,

  • Opportunities to ask questions, apply the ideas to your own situation and brainstorm in small groups,

  • Networking and collaboration with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers.


The presenters and topics have been chosen to suit:

  • Groups — Community groups, associations and volunteer organisations working for the environment, health or social change,

  • Individuals — anyone trying to positively influence their peers, community or politics for the greater good,

  • Entrepreneurs — early stage and micro-enterprises seeking to punch above their weight in the reach and impact of their message,

  • Professionals — professionals working in government, business or charities where tight budgets and restrictions require creative thinking about marketing.


There are two parts to this event:

  1. An evening panel discussion and networking event on Thursday the 20th June,

  2. A morning workshop which is divided into three segments on different aspects of marketing hosted by three sets of presenters on Friday the 21st June to work closely with the expert presenters.


Limited tickets are available and the greatest benefit will come from attending both the panel discussion and the following workshops where you can dive deeper and apply new knowledge.


* Limited subsidies are available to cover travel and accomodation costs for this training for participants in the Midwest. To apply, please complete this travel subsidy application form


This Swarm event is part of Pollinators "Social Innovation Series" supported by:

Learn more about the Midwest Development Commission and it's work.


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